Our Terms sections also severs as a help area with info on using the system. If you need help let us know on WhatsApp .


  • How to use the booking system. [CLICK HERE] to read the PDF.
  • Plese pose any questions on the WhatsApp group


  • Use your 7 digit Archery GB number and a password to login.
  • Logins expire after 9 minutes.
  • You will need to set a password when you first visit the site.
  • Passwords need to be more than 4 characters and you are responsible for their protection.
    • Any issues with login let us know on the WhatsApp group.
    • Passwords are encrypted and we can not retrieve them, but they can be manually blanked on request in the WhatsApp group and you'll need to setup a new password.


  • Bookings are £5.00 per archer, per session, for any age.
  • You can book 1 session per day.
  • If you haven't paid you haven't reserved the target for the day.
  • One member can book for group of up to 5 people on a single target.
  • If you have cancelled a paid session you can transfer that payment by checking the box on the booking page, see TRANSFERS.
  • You can only pay for a whole session, see TRANSFERS.
  • Sessions are booked on a first come first served basis.
  • We offer last minute booking (under 24 hours), these are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled.
    • Currently there are 20 slots per session outdoors.
    • Once the first session is fully booked a 2nd session will be come available.
  • There is no direct mechanism for selecting or swapping sessions. If you need to swap sessions please ask in the WhatsApp group. Changes are granted at the administrators discretion. This is to avoid situations such as a single person booking session 1 and a single person booking session 2.


  • You can cancel up to the day before the event for a free transfer of payment to another session.
  • If you want to cancel with less than a days notice the payment is non-refundable nor transferable.
  • In the event a session is cancelled (due to weather, safety reasons, etc at the discretion of the managing team) all valid bookings are issued with a credit.
    • If you have a valid transfer for payment from a cancelled session, when you book check the box on the booking page instead of making a new payment.
  • If a person cancels a Session 1 booking and there is a single person booked in Session 2 they may be offered to move to the first session.
  • While we understand that cancellations are inevitable, repeated no-shows take away from peoples ability to use facilities.
    • If 3 or more sessions are missed without cancellation or valid explanation within a 3 month period the person will be informed that their bookings become subject to a probation.
    • Probation is equal to the number of missed bookings.
    • They can register to shoot but should the session become full within 24 hours of the session they will not retain the reserved target.
    • They will be informed if they are shooting no less than 2 hours before the event via WhatsApp or text, as their communcition preferences allow.
    • Once the probation is ended they are again free to book as normal.


  • If you have cancelled a paid session you will be issued a Credit.
  • You can transfer that payment to a new session by booking as normal and checking the Apply Credit as you book.
  • You can only pay for a whole session with credits.
    • e.g. if you cancelled a booking for 3 people:
    • You can use the credits to rebook for another group of 3, or 3 individual bookings.
    • You cannot use 3 credits against a group booking of 4 on a target and pay the difference.
    • Credits are not lost if you use part of them e.g. booking a group of 2 does not lose the remaining 1 credit.
  • Credits expire after 6 months.


  • If you want to pre-purchase credits:
    • MANUAL:
      • Pay in multiples of 4 credits e.g.:
        • £20 (for 4 x £5.00)
        • £40 (for 8 x £5.00)
      • Allow us 48 hours to credit your account


  • For underage users or those who just want to use the site to track group bookings we can make an account LIMITED.
  • Request making an account limited via the WhatsApp group.
  • Limited accounts:
    • Can't make bookings or purchase credits.
    • Can view the calander, enter polls and read news.


  • Each October we all have to renew our memberships of Archery GB, WAA, GAA and Ogmore Valley Archers itself.
  • You will recieve a letter with a breakdown of the costs and a final total amount payable.
  • Payment:
    • TBA due to issues with PayPal
    • Typically you will save money renewing via the club rather than doing it yourself, something actively discouraged by Archery GB themselves for simplicity too.
  • By renewing you remain insured to participate by Archery GB and attend AGB accredited competitions across Wales and the UK. The fee to OVA is used to cover our costs and to help further the club.
  • It is a time consuming process for our treasurer and being prompt with renewals is very important.


  • Weekly polls are an optional activity to give the club feedback.
  • All polls are anonymous to all users of the app.
  • To prevent multiple submissions a temporary ID is used during the week the poll is live, this ID is wiped when the poll becomes inactive at the end of the week and answers wont be personally identifiable at all.


  • We do not give cash reimbursements.
    • With current restrictions we cannot handle cash.
  • If you do not cancel within the cancellation period you will forfeit 100% of the paid booking fee.
  • We will supply a full value credit to be used on another session for valid cancellations.
  • Should a cash reimbursement become necessary we have to deduct 50p per £5 to cover deductions of our payment processor.
    • As we use PayPal as our processor they take a small cut of transactions that we do not recover.


  • No personally identifiable data is held on this server.
  • The site uses server side sessions only, no cookies are downloaded onto your machine.
  • If you want to have your data deleted let us know on WhatsApp and we'll clear all your login and booking data.
    • This data cannot be recovered and will remove your ability to book the clubs sessions, events and this booking system as a whole.
    • We may retrain totally anonymised, archived booking data (when a target was booked and for how many) to help with our accounting.
  • If you want a copy of the data we hold on you, you can request it in person or via the clubs official communications.
    • We can provide you a spreadsheet of the raw data with a few days notice.
    • As of April 2021 all data we hold on you is visible to you on the My Bookings page plus the time you last logged in and first setup your password.